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My Life

BIG NEWS! - Billy Kwong on the move! 

I am absolutely beside myself with excitement to be able to inform you all that Billy Kwong will be relocating to bigger and better premises. After 14 amazing and unforgettable years in Surry Hills we have decided to gather up our woks and head for Potts Point! Colleagues David King, Andrew Cibej and I have begun renovation of Shop 1/28 Macleay Street and look forward to welcoming you all to our new home just before Christmas. The new place will of course have the DNA of Billy Kwong Surry Hills but will also be the very modern model of a meeting place for eating and drinking. Can't wait to see you - and feed you - there! Check my Facebook page, instagram and twitter feeds for regular updates.

Billy Kwong at Eveleigh Farmers Market 

Each Saturday we have a Billy Kwong stall at our local Eveleigh Farmers Market, selling Steamed Savoury Pancakes with Fresh Vegetables, Salt Bush Leaves, Organic Egg & Caramel-Tamari Sauce, Steamed Pork Dumplings with Ginger and Tamari Dressing and Fair Trade Organic Green Tea. We also offer our classic Steamed Pork Buns with Billy Kwong House Chilli or Davidson's Plum Sauce.

The market is open between 8am -1pm and is located in the characterful and charming Carriage Works theatre and art precinct; my crew and I would love to feed you! www.eveleighmarket.com.au

Insects at Billy Kwong

As part of our ongoing quest to bring you local and sustainable food, we have been gradually integrating Australian native plants and animals into our cooking at Billy Kwong, and are now taking the next step. Considered a delicacy in indigenous Australia and across the vast majority of the world's culture, edible insects are a rich source of nutrition.

When renowned Brazilian chef Alex Atala told me he sometimes serves spiders, I was intrigued, and when I read about Rene Redzepi offering live ants to diners at a Noma pop-up during the London Olympics, I decided we should have insects on our menu. In keeping with the Billy Kwong philosophy, we've kept it local:'bug girl' Skye Blackburn is supplying us with sustainable and delicious Parramatta-born-and-bred crickets and mealworms. Come and try them for yourself: the crickets taste like dried shrimp or crispy fried shallots, while the mealworms have a mushroomy flavour.

Pasture-fed wallaby on the menu

This premium quality meat is sourced from family-owned Flinders Island Meat Company, which is situated in the Bass Strait. The salt-laden winds of the roaring forties lightly dust the grasslands with sea salt, adding extra seasoning and a distinctive flavour to the meat of the animals that graze on them. Wallaby meat is virtually carbon-neutral, since its production requires 70-90% less water than lamb or beef and results in significantly less methane gas emissions. Being extremely low in cholesterol and fat, and high in protein, it is also a very healthy meat - and seriously delicious!

Come and eat with us to try for yourself the ingredient that so impressed Bruce Palling of the Wall Street Journal on a recent visit to Melbourne: " This is meat with sensational flavour ... It has to be the best-tasting indigenous meat in Australia".

Kylie Kwong tableware from Oxfam Australia

As an Oxfam ambassador, I believe strongly in the power of fair trade to combat poverty and make a difference to the lives of families in developing countries. With its distinctive lotus symbol, my first ever tableware range has been designed in collaboration with Oxfam Australia, and produced by one of their key fair trade producer partners in Vietnam, Mai Vietnamese Handicrafts. All proceeds go to support the producers and Oxfam's work. Please click on www.oxfam.org.au for more information.

Giving back...

I guess all of the above is a reflection of my continuing quest to find the most naturally grown Australian produce I can; and of the depth of my commitment to support and work alongside producers and organisations that assist other communities in turn. Without strong communities and a healthy environment, we have no foundation on which to build and grow.

Billy Kwong gift vouchers

Don’t forget you can now buy Billy Kwong gift vouchers through the website, so if someone you know deserves a treat, click here  to order.

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