I am proud to be associated with the following organisations.

Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation
I am honoured to be one of the NSW ambassadors for the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation, which aims to provide a pleasurable food education for young children. The creation and care of a Kitchen Garden teaches children about the natural world and how best to use the resources we have, as well as showing them how easy it is to bring joy and wellbeing into our lives through growing, harvesting, preparing and sharing fresh, seasonal produce.


Oxfam Australia
As an Oxfam Australia ambassador, I believe strongly in the power of fair trade to combat poverty and make a difference to the lives of people in developing countries. With its distinctive lotus symbol, my first-ever tableware range was designed in collaboration with Oxfam Australia, and produced by one of their partners, Mai Vietnamese Handicrafts. All the proceeds go to support Oxfam’s work to end poverty. 

Half the Sky Foundation Australia
Recognising the pivotal role of family and nourishment in my own life, I am proud to be the patron of Half the Sky Foundation Australia. Part of the international Half the Sky network, the foundation works to enhance the lives and prospects of orphaned children in China.


From my role with Carriageworks Farmers Market, I have watched Carriageworks go from strength to strength, and am delighted to be an ambassador for the venue’s exciting program. This ground-breaking cultural space in urban Sydney has a unique atmosphere, with an inspiring and ever-expanding range of events and exhibits.

Carriageworks Farmers Market

Australian Marine Conservation Society
As a strong advocate of sustainable seafood, I am pleased to be associated with the Australian Marine Conservation Society and its work to protect our ocean wildlife. Australia’s Sustainable Seafood Guide is an indispensable guide to choosing seafood wisely and avoiding over-fished species or those whose capture damages the sea.