Image c/o MAD

Image c/o MAD

THANK YOU to René Redzepi and Yale University for the opportunity to be a part of the MADYale Chef Leadership Summit - what an amazing experience!

MAD described the context of this special symposium:
"At this moment in time chefs yield unprecedented cultural influence. We’ve gathered a group of great chefs from all over the world for an intensive weeklong summit with some of the great minds at Yale University to build a new knowledge base and reinvent leadership for chefs, both inside and outside their kitchens.
Along with the Yale Sustainable Food Program, the Yale farm, and academics from all across the university and beyond, we’re engaging in a crash course and intense discussion about all that food touches, from taste physiology, food politics, sustainable farming of land and sea, food justice to food history."

Fellow chefs René Redzepi, Rosio Sanchez, David Chang, Jessica Koslow, Alex Atala, Olivier Roellinger, Michel Troigros, April Bloomfield and I enjoyed the most mind blowing week of discussions, excursions, talks and discoveries. I can't wait to continue to share all that i've learnt!

For a round up of the week's events check out this post Reflections on the MADYale Leadership Summit by Bella Napier on behalf of the Yale Sustainable Food Program.